Jaspurr Ravenclaw and the wall quote for pennies [AKA Harry Potter fever has gripped me again}


When was Harry Potter first published, I don't remember.  It was a lot of years ago, that much I do know because Harry Potter and me go waaay back.  I first read The Philosophers Stone to my son when he was little, probably close to 15 years ago now. 


LOVED it then, love it still. When my daughter heard I was taking part in a HP group read here she joined in too.  She's on book 5 now though and rattling thorough them and who am I to stop her..... I'm sticking to the schedule and trying to make it last so I've only just finished #1 today and will start CoS tonight.  BEST GROUP READ EVER!!


Anyhoo....as part of the group read there was the option to get sorted into a house and my daughter and I both got placed in RAVENCLAW!!  Job done!  Soon as we heard we started to trawl the interweb for any and all things Ravenclaw (everyone does that, right?)  and I saw THE most gorge Nike's.  Custom Ravenclaw's.  Had to have.  Luckily my daughter and I have the same size feet so when she's not looking I can sneak out in them :D  (isn't that supposed to be the other way round when she sneaks out in MY stuff?)  Just used some shiny gold leather paint and some blue rubberized paint, threaded some snazzy new laces in and added the house badge they're done!


So, the pic above is one of the pair of Ravenclaw shoes that I customized for her us :D

Jaspurr approves.




See, here he is silently and telepathically sending his approval vibes.




Since I had the camera out I also snapped a pic of the wall quote I made about 5 years ago for the upstairs wall to my son's attic lair....


Those wall quotes were expensive at the time and there wasn't a lot of choice so I wanted to try making my own.   Bought 10 sheets of brown sticky vinyl for £2,50 and got to work.


Messed around with the fonts and different quotes and picked an inspirational one (they all are really, aren't they?)


Mirror printed the quote in reverse onto the white backing paper of the vinly and enlarged it to about 300 and then started cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting.  Took me two days to get all the letter's and fiddly apostrophe's cut out!  Finally got them up on the wall and they've stayed good as new ever since.  250 pennies and I'm as thrilled with it today as I was when I first put it up!



Here's a before and after of the shoes too....just 'cause :P