That's the final straw....

I'm done over there.   It's just one thing after another over on GR and I can't be doing with it any more.  I'm out.  If any friends here are also friends over there....I'm sorrry I probably won't be keeping up with all your updates there. 


BUT WE STILL HAVE HERE !!  Thank God for Booklikes!!!


After having a ton of review dates changed without my knowledge or pemission yesterday I've decided that it's time to cut my losses.  I'll still be using GR as a catalog only (BL has a pretty sucky database at the moment) but as soon as that is rectified I'll be cutting all ties there.


In the meantime I'm posting my edited GR profile here too, so that I have a backup record...  Can't trust that Goodread's fellow any more to keep my stuff safe :P


Edit*  5th Dec 2013.  As of yesterday's farcical glitch that resulted in countless GR user's old reviews being spam posted to everyone's feed, without their knowledge AND most annoyingly assigning them a new 'reviewed on' date I've decided that enough is enough.  This is just the latest in a long line of problems that have plagued GR lately and I've had my fill, thank you very much.  I have reviews here that were RE-POSTED without my knowledge and the posting date changed to yesterday's date. Those same reviews have comments on them from months and years ago!  That bugs. 


Despite being told of this problem by many, many people in the form of bug reports no official word was received from GR (not even to say 'we're sorry, we're looking into it) and that's just not acceptable when a sitewide problem messes with user data like that.  By the time they finally got around to attempting to fix it the damage had been done on a huge scale.

I have a regular blog linked in my profile (but I'm rarely there) and I have a nice, new, shiny BOOKLIKES blog (also linked to in my profile and which I use daily) so my need for GR is minimal.  I've been here since 2007 and up to recently have enjoyed every moment of it and made lots of wonderful friends.  When my reviews start getting messed about with against my will though, I'm out. 

I'm sorry but I won't be interacting here on GR any more, other than to catalog my books.  If you're over on BL and we're already friends there - that's great!!  If you're there but we're not friends there yet, please holler.  If you're not on BL yet...I'm sorry, we may lose touch.  I just don't like it here any more.

I'll be amending my reviews here so that the option for GR to mess with them further is mostly removed.

I hope we can keep in touch....Come to Booklikes!!!