Samplers - Zombies

I'm so sick of downloading books and getting a couple of chapters into them only to find that the book sucks and that I've made a rash purchase. No more.  I'm going to take advantage of the sampler feature for kindle and try the books out first to see if they're any good. 


Might do it every so often when I get 6 or 7 together.


The Apocalypse (The Undead World) by Peter Meredith



£1.88 for kindle on Amazon


Money, terrorism, and simple bad luck conspire to bring mankind to its knees as a viral infection spreads out of control, reducing those infected to undead horrors that feed upon the rest.
It's a time of misery and death for most, however there are some who are lucky, some who are fast, and some who are just too damned tough to go down without a fight. This is their story.


This is a tricky one as the sample ran out right before the zombies showed up and I like to know what kind of zom's I'm dealing with.  It was ok up to that point though. Probably a 3 zombie-head rated sample.  A couple of typo errors but nothing major and I quite liked the characters so it's likely that I'll buy it at some point but it's not top of my list.



Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London by Frank Tayell




£1.53 for kindle on Amazon


The outbreak started in New York. Within days the infection had spread to every corner of the world. Nowhere is safe from the undead...

Bill watched from his window as London was evacuated. His leg broken, he is unable to join the exodus. Turning to his friends in the government, he waits and hopes for rescue. As the days turn into weeks, realising inaction will lead only to starvation and death, his thoughts turn to escape.

Forced to leave the safety of his home he ventures out into the undead wasteland that once was England, where he will discover a horrific secret.


Set in the UK which I love because there usually isn't any gung-ho when they're set here.  Every character doesn't have a gun lying around and it's normally just skimming through by the seat of your pants stuff.  I like when it's just a normal Joe doing his best to keep breathing with little to no resources. It's in a sort of diary format (which I sometimes don't love but works ok here and I quite like Bill with his broken leg and stuck in his flat while he waits for his government friend to send a rescue car for him.  After reading the blurb I'm not sure how I'll like the book if most of it is spent stuck in his flat for weeks but from the sample alone I'll definitely buy. 



900 Miles: A Zombie Novel by S. Johnathan Davis




£1.99 for kindle on Amazon



John is a killer, but that wasn't his day job before the Apocalypse.

In a harrowing 900 mile race against time to get to his wife just as the dead begin to rise, John, a business man trapped in New York, soon learns that the zombies are the least of his worries, as he sees first-hand the horror of what man is capable of with no rules, no consequences and death at every turn.

Teaming up with an ex-army pilot named Kyle, they escape New York only to stumble across a man who says that he has the key to a rumored underground stronghold called Avalon..... Will they find safety? Will they make it to Johns wife before it’s too late?


Kicks right off into the action and the zombies are front and center.  John is quite interesting and I'd read more to find out what happens to him on his trek to get to Atlanta.  He teams up early on with an ex military guy (what a surprise) but I won't hold that against the story, it is what it is.  I'll buy this one but it's not top of my list.



Trudge: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Shawn Chesser



63p for kindle on Amazon


Cade Grayson finds himself separated from his wife and daughter during a viral outbreak; between them are 3000 miles and millions of infected. Cade must form alliances and rely on his military training to run the gauntlet of undead, as well as the living.
He must leave Portland, Oregon to locate his family in South Carolina. Fifteen months after an honorable discharge the disillusioned former Tier-One operator travels east with his less than clean-cut neighbor and two neighbor kids.
Meanwhile, his wife Brook is forced to flee the familial home with daughter Raven in tow.
Humans bent on taking advantage of other humans are as much a threat as the newly risen walking corpses.
Incommunicado and desperate for any information about the outbreak’s spread, Cade must chart the right course on his trudge to reunite with his family.


I just couldn't find anything to like in this sample.  In fact I couldn't even make it to the end of the sample.  Every little boring thing described in minute detail and so much telling not showing.   This happened and then this happened and then this happened and then this happened.....  Sorry.  Could do with a professional edit too.  Poorly written, boring, unbelievable and a definite no sale. 



The Undead. The First Seven Days by R. R. Haywood



£3.77 for kindle on Amazon


A deadly infection spreads across Europe.

The Undead Series: A terrifying account of one man desperately struggling to survive this harrowing event.


Well now, this one is difficult.  It's not the story that makes me hesitate it's the pricing but I'll get to that in a moment. 


This is set in the UK and the zombies are interesting.  I like Howie the MC who is an wimpy and unlikely hero.  He seems a bit OCD but he's very polite and likeable.  Only downer is that it's told in first person narrative which I hate but it's actually done quite well so that's not too big a stumbling block. 


I'd probably buy this as  £3.77 for the first 7 days worth isn't too bad, but it seems a little expensive compared to most of it's stablemates.  It also seems a bit 'cheaty' to me.  All 7 days are available individually for around £1 each and considering that each day is the rough equivalent of a chapter that's just not going to fly.  Adding to that, this sample for the compilation gives day's 1 and 2 free so anyone buying days one and 2 are going to be Royally pissed to have wasted £2 on a couple of free chapters. 


That's STILL not what's making me hesitate though...It's the 2nd weeks story that floors me.  Each of the next 7 days (days 8 to 14) are £2.56 each as of right now.  Seriously.  OR I could buy the weeks worth for just over £8.  I'm sorry but I won't even pay that for a paperback.  That's the equivalent of $13Dollars.   For an e-book.  I can't see me going for that. It's such a pity as this one is actually one of the best from the samples I tried this week.  Bit of a bummer but even if the first week's story is affordable I'm not getting into it knowing I won't fork out for the second. 


So, if price wasn't a consideration I'd snap this up quicker than you could say knife, it's a really good story and I loved the sample.  As it money remains in my pocket.  *sad face*


Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead BOOK 1) by Owen Baillie




£1.90 for kindle at Amazon


Australia ... a huge, sprawling land filled with danger ... but nothing as dangerous as this ...
Deep beneath defense headquarters in the Australian Capital Territory, the last ranking Army chief considers the collapse of his country, and the contingency plan to win it back.

One hundred and fifty miles away, five friends returning from a month-long camping trip slowly discover that the world has turned horribly wrong, that a virus has ravaged the entire east coast of Australia. The dead now walk the land, seeking flesh and blood. Armed with dwindling ammunition, the friends must overcome their differences, utilize their individual skills, and face horrors they never imagined ... but not all zombies are the same ...
What will they find if they can all reach their hometown? Will their families or friends have survived? What twists and turns will the group encounter, and what life-threatening decisions will they face?

Their personalities and agendas will conflict, as each fights for their place in this new world, a world unlike anything they could have imagined...


Won't be getting this one either.  Set in Australia, which is quite interesting as a setting, I'll give it that, but by the time I got through the sample I couldn't really care much whether the characters survived or not.  If I find myself skim reading a sample that's a good indication that it's not worth getting.  I couldn't keep the characters straight in my head, no zombies to speak of and not very exciting as far as the sample went so it's a no buy.