I don't know....

I've just had a phone call to say my mum has been in a car crash while on her way to a funeral a couple of hours drive away and her car it totaled.


My dad called here to say he'd had the phone call but he doesn't know any more than someone ran into her on the motorway in the fast lane and the car is scrap metal now.


Don't really know any more than that at the moment and the not knowing is almost worse than the knowing.  I think.  I don't know, I can't think straight.  It's probably not worse than knowing.


I think I'll got over and sit with my dad in case he needs me to watch the animals for him if he needs to go anywhere.




It still seems a bit surreal to go from OMG to lucky escape in the 4 hours since my dad phoned but it seems my mum did have a very lucky escape.  The accident happened about 40 miles from here around lunchtime but it took a couple of hours for the news to filter through and my dad to find out.


The other driver (an elderly man in his 80's) wasn't so lucky and didn't regain consciousness after being cut out of his car.  My mum has just suffered a banged up chest and ribcage and has a busted ankle but beyond that she's hardly got a scratch on her.  The report just says 'minor injuries'.  It's amazing, it was quite a high speed impact the police say.  They say that all the witnesses say the same thing, the man just came out of nowhere and took them both off the road.  Not sure if he took ill at the wheel or if he just didn't realise he was on a junction joining the dual carriageway with cars moving at up to 70mph but whatever the reason it ended badly and I'm sorry for his family.  The report says they're still trying to find his next of kin to let them know :(


Three young men in a car stopped and helped her and phoned for an ambulance and the police and a lady sat with her until they got there.  My dad says the road is still closed and the cars are still there while the accident investigators make checks and do whatever things they do.  He's been shook up pretty bad too I think, he came back from the hospital and said "She maybe nags a bit but I'd willingly take a lifetime's worth of nagging rather than the alternative that could have been.


So relieved and wanted to say thank you so much for all the kind wishes and words of support. it means a lot <3 


I'm off to have some wine for dinner now, and curl up with the printed word.  I'm in need of a glass or three I think.


(Don't tell my mum I said this...but she does nag quite a bit :P )