10 Things. An Icebreaker, because I'm a big copy-cat...

After seeing Grim's post and Shelby's 10 I'm letting my inner copy-cat run free and doing the 10 thing icebreaker.  It's fun and therapeutic.  You should do one too :D


Here are my 10 things. 


  1. 1. I have never burped.  Seriously, I can't.  It's physically impossible.  My esophagus is wrong and I just make these 'growls' in my throat.  I can talk normal through it and if I hold my breath when the growls come it makes them sound like a radio being tuned.  Only happens if I lie on my left side though. 


2. I'm what used to be called 'double jointed' but now is called Hypermobility Syndrome.  My ligaments act like they're made of elastic bands and I'm very flexible.  My elbows can bend backwards :D


3. I named my children after book characters.  My mother-in-law thinks my daughter is named after my husband's brother but I know different *wink*


4. I learned to swim in the North Sea.


5. You know those vaccination scars that are on everyone's upper left arm? I don't have one of those there.  Mine is on my inside ankle just beside that boney bit that sticks out.  My  mum made the Doctor put it there because her one is huge and she wanted to make sure that if mine did the same it wouldn't be on display if I wore sleeveless tops. 


6. I met my husband on a blind date. 


7. I have a room dedicated to my craft stuff.  I'm into cross stitching, crochet, card making, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, bead making...you name it, I do it.


8. I used to play the Saxophone while at school but I haven't picked one up since.


9. I have played a MMORPG for over six years and fight monsters and dragons almost daily. 


10.  Like a lot of women, I am a survivor.