Review - Butterman Travel Inc by Pk Hrezo

Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. (Butterman Travel, Inc.) (Volume 1) - PK Hrezo

I was thrilled to win this in a Booklikes Giveaway and was very excited to read it.  TIME TRAVEL!  I'm all over that! 


With time travel stories the mechanics of the how can make or break a book and in this one the 'how' is a bit different.  Usually is all a big mistake and the time traveler has no control over how/why/when they jump to a different time but here it's all pre-arranged and paid for.  It's a time travel business!   Commercialized time travel!  Book a trip to the past like you would any other vacation! (I would kill to have that be a reality).  There are only a handful of company's permitted to operate and Butterman Travel Inc is one of them. 


Going into this I didn't know that the author writes in the NA genre, not that it would have put me off reading it...just wasn't expecting it.  I was blinded by that pretty cover. I hoped the NA'ness wouldn't ruin it for me.


Bianca Butterman is the eighteen year old daughter of Mr & Mrs Butterman who operate the Time Travel business in 2069.  She's not quite fully qualified as a 'guide' but she's almost there. She very nearly has her license.  Oh, and the company is being investigated by the Government (who regulate time travel and want Butterman's out of the picture).


Her first customer as a solo guide is Tristan Helm, a boy band superstar with a drug habit.  Now, in hindsight I have to wonder at the wisdom of allowing 18 year old Bianca to take her first solo trip back in time to New York with Mr Helm and expect things to go well, especially in light of the Government audit.  I don't buy it. 


"The future of the company is in your hands Bianca.  We trust you" 


"Kktxbai!  I'll do good...ooh look, magic mushrooms!"


I feel frustrated. I enjoyed the first 1/3 of the book where the 'how's' and the 'why's' of time travel and Butterman Inc are explained, but then it turns into a mushy 24-hour insta-love thing with copious amounts of substances with which Bianca and Tristan can get high on.  Actually, they're high for most of the trip.  It's no wonder she can't keep a thought straight in her head or a handle on everything and it spirals out of control really quickly.


I've read other reviewers say the trip back to 1969 Woodstock was the best bit for them.  I'm not feeling it.  That was the turning point for me.  Between natural and chemical high's, the fact that Bianca says she's GOT to stick to the rules of time travel 100% and the rock solid itinerary or there will be big repercussions... and then she deviates from the plan and hops about in time without a care after a tiny amount of cajoling and skewed logic from Tristan. 


Throw in a sinister Government agent on their tail and my eyes just started to glaze over.  It's way too confusing and convoluted and I'm surprised there's even a future (present) to get home to with all the potentials for paradoxes Bianca instigates or flippantly considers. 


I'm disappointed.  The first third - Enjoyable.  The middle bit - Meh, eyes starting to glaze.  Ending - I have no clue what happened there. 


If you're 18 and excited by drugs and insta-love with boy-band heartthrobs who are actually a bit of a tool then this is the one for you.  I wish I could have loved it.  Seriously WISH.  It sounded great.  :(