Review - Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle

Sweet Tea and Secrets - Nancy Naigle

I'm not sure why I don't read more small town romances but I should try to make more time for them as they always charm me. I loved this one.


This one is the first in the Adams Grove series and it's very charming.  I thought it was just wonderful.  It's full of Southern hospitality in a close knit community and I very quickly got sucked in and was rooting for Jill and Garrett.  There's a little hint of mystery and foul deeds scattered throughout the pages but at it's heart it's a romance.  It's adorable. 

This one is standard fare in the 'small town romance' genre but that's part of the charm.  I usually know from the first chapter how things will end but it's the getting there that's fun.  All the little misunderstandings and obstacles and soul searching...I love all that.

It's predictable but very, very readable if you're a fan of this genre.  It's a wonderful story and very well told.  I will definitely be continuing on with this story, guaranteed. 

I was prepared to give this one full stars, right up to the last chapter but the ending let it down for me.  That tiny bit at the end to tie up the mystery was disappointing slightly.   It's the only thing that let this down and it doesn't harm the story at all, it just didn't make any sense to me.

There are a few recipes in a section at the end and I like that.  Old family recipes are always fun to try out and I'll be giving these a try soon.



*Note - I was sent a copy of this by the publisher*




This finish gets me 340 pages closer to 1 Million pages challenge. 72,701/1,000,000





...And, I'm calling this for the letter 'H' in my AtoZ Challenge.  'H' is for Heart