14 time travelling celebrities!...and my time travelling relative.

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Reblogged so I could share a photo that I have in my album. I've actually got a photo here that has a Time Traveller in it...


This is a photo of the brother of my Gran's Grandmother (sailor in the middle), taken in the 1800's.. But look, that sailor on the right is a ringer for Robin Williams!  I think so anyway.  I wonder if he knows he had a doppelganger ?!



 [Time traveling celebrities]


Paul Mournet was born in 1847 and although he is recorded as dead in 1922, his body was never found. This is because Paul Mournet didn't die. He is Keanu Reeves.


And, there's another thing.


Nicolae Grigorescu was a writer and a painter who later changed his name and career. He is now known as Orlando Bloom and works as an elf.



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