Shelve Books Here Directly From Other Book Sites

Reblogged from BookLikes:

This is an older Thursday Goodie from back in 2012 but I use it a lot and thought I'd reblog it in case anyone finds it useful :)




Shelve it! at BookLikes - brand new feature is ready and eager to be used :-) From now on you can add books to your bookshelf directly from bookstores thanks to Shelve It! button.


Shelve it! button is visible in your administrative view of your Shelf. Just drag the button to your bookmarks bar and now any time you'll be browsing bookstore you can add books directly from bookshop! Notice that for the time being we support only Amazon stores.


When you click on Shelve it! at your bookmark bar while visiting bookstore, it will automatically transfer you to BookLikes book page where you can choose book status or create a post about that book. After adding books to your shelf you can easily go back to bookstore and continue book hunt or discover new reads at BookLikes. 


Adding books cannot be easier, faster and more comfy. Thanks to Shelve it! button you'll save a lot of time and energy (no need for double searching). That extra time can be used for extra reading.  So now go and Shelve it! at BookLikes :-)


And it works like that:



If you have some comments or questions concerning this feature (or simply want to talk about books) leave us a note below or write to us