Audible membership - Amazing deal!!

If anyone is in the UK and is looking for a great Audible membership deal - Here it is!


Only another 5 days left as it ends on April 21st and valid for new members in the UK but at 99p per month for the first three months it's not to be sniffed at. 


All the details and the voucher code can be found at - audible deal


If you don't want to continue after the three month deal price is up, remember to cancel as it will revert to £7.99 per month thereafter.


You can get an audio book per month with audible so that's 99p per book! (  You could get any of the Diana Gabaldon books and save yourself a TON of money - Davina Porter is a wonderful narrator  :)


I can't take advantage of it as I already have an audible membership, just thought it might be of interest to someone :D