I'm going to have to make a kindle app... and think of a name for it...

I was part of two separate discussions yesterday that revolved around the ability  (or rather, the un-ability) to sort books on the Kindle Fire into folders or shelves or some other means of organizing them.  It's ridiculous!  I've got close to 3000 books on my kindle (not counting the books on my cloud) and they're just all lumped onto one looooong shelf.  There's no way to make folders or collections or shelves or anything. It's out of control and it's getting worse by the day.


It used to be possible to make collections on my paperwhite but that feature is missing from newer models. Drives me nuts.


Anyway, I've been looking for the longest time for an app that will let me put my kindle books into categories (at the very least) but there's just nothing out there.  To be fair, I have found two or three specifically for the kindle but they're buggy at best and none of them really do what I want anyway.


I want to be able to create shelves and name them whatever I want.  I want those shelves to show my book covers and I'd like an option to show a little synopsis of the book.  That's all.


If possible I have a few other little bits and pieces that would be cool extras but basically I just want the custom shelves with book covers.


There are some apps available for smart phones and android tablets but NOTHING I would want that will work on the kindle.


So, I woke up this morning and thought, "How hard can it be?!!  Fifteen year old boys do it all the time from their bedroom so I'm going to make my own app"


Turns out it's pretty hard.  LOL.


I'm no quitter though and have downloaded all the developer tools that I'll need and will figure out what I need to do even if it kills me (or until such time as I make a workable app or someone else makes one).


I need a name though. Something catchy and fitting.  Any ideas?