Review - That Part Was True by Deborah McKinlay

That Part Was True - Deborah McKinlay

This is a wonderful, gentle romance. I loved it. As I was reading it flickered between a four and a five star and back to a four, but right at the end it jumped back to an almost five again. Lovely story.

A love story that blossoms via letters mostly but it's all the little side stories that make this charming. The letters skirt around issues and it's both heartwarming and frustrating to watch things play out, wanting things to go in one direction but have them take another path. The will they/won't they thing sometimes grates on my nerves when it's drawn out but here it was just charming. I think that has a lot to do with the characters though. They're not a couple of teens with all the angst that usually accompanies these things. Eve and Jack are middle aged and both feel a bit jaded, for different reasons, and forge a connection despite their differing lifestyles and the great distances between them.  It's a romance but not obviously so and it's conducted via letters, mostly.  

It's so refreshing to have such a touching romance with an older couple at it's core. It's just a wonderful story and one I'd recommend.

This is the first I've heard of this author but I'll definitely be looking out for more. This lady can write.



*Note - I was sent a copy of this by the publisher*



...And, I'm calling this for the letter 'G' in my AtoZ Challenge.  'G' is for Geography.