Little Black Dress Challenge on Leafmarks

Little Black Dress was an imprint of Headline Publishing and specialized in chick lit(ish) books.  Little, cute one's.  A few years ago I challenged myself to read all of their back catalog.  Problem was, they released new books in the series faster than I could read them so I got sidetracked. 



I recently came across another one of their books and went to their website to see how many hundreds of books they had by now, but they seem to have stopped publishing them :(

They were such cute books, I'm a bit sad that they are no more.  I'm going to challenge myself on Leafmarks to read them all and this time I'll do it!  It's hard to find a complete list, even the website didn't keep up to date with a list of all titles but I've managed to track down 124 of them and add the missing ones to the database over there and that will be the goal at the start.  If I find any more I'll add them to the total but for now....124 LBD books it is!!


If anyone is on LM and would like to be part of the challenge just friend me over there and I'll send an invite.  I'm at


Feel free to join the challenge and keep me and Crazy Reader company!!


At the moment the friend challenges are set up like competitions or races and I don't really like that, I wanted this challenge to be more like an ongoing buddy read type thing.  I'm hopeful that they'll allow the user-made challenges to run more in line with the official ones and have markers or tier badges for particiapation or at least allow for taking things at your own pace.


Anyway, it's running over at LM and if you fancy taking part, just holler.  If it stays as it is you'll beat me to the finish line without a problem as I'm the SLOWEST reader, ever. I just like having them all in one place with a goal to work towards.  Plus, the cover gallery for them all is a thing of beauty :)