Sorry I'm not spending time visiting you all :(


We're trying to knock the house into shape for selling and between that and a humungous garden to contend with, I'm not hanging around my usual online haunts much at the moment.  I miss you all quite badly :(


I've managed to get on for a quick drive-by a couple of times but I'm scared to get comfy and park my behind because that way lies a time sink.  Time that could should be spent transforming my home into something delectable :D


I didn't know I was even looking for a new house but I saw this particular one for sale and looked it up and I'm in LOVE!  Want!!  It's so lovely!  It's outside of town so a little less cash involved than if it were local so best news is if we can get ours sold we'd be in the new one mortgage free and a bit left over for fun.  I'm not hopeful though.  Knowing my luck someone will snap it up before I'm ready to make an offer.  Ah well, you've got to be in it to win it so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and keep my fingers crossed.


Prices were at a bit of a standstill lately and houses weren't really shifting very fast but in the last couple of months things have had a bit of a shake up and houses are moving again.  Good news for me, when I get my house ready...but bad news too if the one I've got my eye on goes before I'm ready :/  Either way we've sort of used this as the nudge we were looking for to get moving.  We've both wanted to move for a while and this is maybe what we've been waiting for.


Anyway, that's where I've been up to.  I've sold enough houses to know how staging works and what sells and what puts people off so I've got a game plan, just need time and cash to see 'operation house punt' come good.  I'll just blind them with smoke and mirrors :D


I'll still be popping in and out but just wanted to let all my friends know I haven't jumped ship or slipped off the planet.


I'm managing to read a bit here and there too, just can't seem to settle to any particular story just now.  My head is filled with home decor and gardening.  I've just started my first Jude Deveraux though and it's promising.  True Love - The Nantucket Bride series #1 and it's actually pretty good so I'll stickwith that one for now :)


In the meantime, hope everyone is well and finding lots of lovely stories to fill their heads with!


Miss you oXo