Some people have nothing better to do with their time...

Got up this morning to an email from GR.  Seems like someone flagged one of my reviews for linking to my BL blog here.  Have people nothing better to do with their time?


Whatever, I don't review there any more anyway so this is the push I needed to take down the ones that are left.  Booklikes and Leafmarks can have them.


Thing is, the reason I started putting just my BL review link in there in the first place was because GR wouldn't stop sharing my reviews with GoogleBooks even though I asked them not to by opting out of agreeing to allow GR to share with third parties.  So, if they can't play nice they get no more free content from me.  I'll take them all down today and then my GR account is just a placeholder.


This is the email I got -


Hi Silver Thistle,


Your review of Lexiconwas recently flagged as self-promotional in nature. To clarify, reviews that simply link out to a blog post actually violate our review guidelinesAs your review does not discuss the book, it is no longer displaying on the community book page. We would suggest reviewing the book on Goodreads itself and simply linking to your blog at the bottom.



Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.





The Goodreads Team
Yeah, right.  Translation of the bolded part - "GoogleBooks are getting sick of you just posting links, they want content." 
Too bad.  That author is about to lose a five star rating.
Just one example of Google stealing my GR reviews but they stole this one after I'd changed it to a link. Ha!!   Not even credited.  If I had the actual review there you'd never know it was mine.  It's only because of my BL blog link that I can tell. 
I can't work out why that can't be made bigger...but anyway, here's the edited highlights.


Whatever.  I'm done with them.  They can steal someone else's reviews, they're having no more of mine.


I'm not alone either, lots are having theirs used without permission too. In fact, most of the time they're used strictly AGAINST the GR reiewers wishes.


Here Petra talks about it -


And again here -


and with actual GR staff input  -


It's all hot air though, nothing changes.


I'm done.  I haven't the time or the patience for it.