Hmmm, I wish I had read something lately...

Well now, first post in forever and I can't think what to write....


I'm sure nobody cares what gives but just in case, here are the edited highlights, in no particular order -





New car shopping

Old car selling

Busy with nothing

Arguing with the council

Pet sitting

Hospital visiting

Internet window shopping

Faffing about



That's about it.


You'll notice there's no READING on that list.  I've hit my yearly stall I think, it happens some years when we get a nice few weeks of Summer and everything else falls by the wayside. 


I did finish Pride & Prejudice though, that's one finish I can report.  Loved it. No review though.  Yet.


I tried working through my dashboard to see what I'd missed but OMG, it's too scary.  There must be a million posts to catch up with.


Forgive me, I just can't do it.


Anyhoo... just posting to make sure my obituary isn't being composed :D


I need to go catch up with the Booklike Thursdays though.  I've missed a few...