Competition to see yourself as a character in a zombie apocalypse!

Great Bitten: Outbreak (United Kingdom of Great Bitten, Zombie Apocalypse) - Warren Fielding


I'm late to the party, but there's still time... I had an email from the author of Great Bitten - Outbreak (which was one of my fave reads last year) to let me know that she was having a launch party as her self pubbed book has been picked up by Permuted Press and would I pass on the word....  I heard about it in plenty time but I'm only now remembering... oops *blush*


Anyway, the comps have already started but there's still a chance to win some zombie goodies (and the chance to become a character in the next book) so here's the link for anyone with a liking for zombies and/or apocalypses :D 


There's still a week to go until the competition closes so good luck to any who enter!