Are your shelves messed up?

This could have happened while I was AWOL but I've just noticed that my TBR shelf is missing.  I had a ton of books on there, basically ALL the books I've been adding to my virtual To Be Read Shelf for about 6 years.  It's all gone. o_0


I used my TBR in place of the Planning to Read shelf so now I've got nada.


I just added a new TBR shelf to see if it would let me (I figured hoped that maybe my TBR shelf was still there but hidden and if it was it wouldn't let me add a new one with the same name) and I was able to add it.  What the hell?!  Where did my shelf go?  There were 1000's of books on that shelf.


AND, I don't see how to edit the shelves either.  I used to be able to make shelves exclusive but I don't see how to do that any more.  Also, how do I delete shelf names, because now I have a newly made TBR shelf with nothing on it...just sitting there, empty, mocking me.


*sigh*.  I was hoping to catch up with everyones dashboard news, add a few books and go about my day.  Now, I'm going to stew all day and wonder where all my books went.