Review - Coming Home by Sue Gee

Coming Home - Sue Gee

This is the first Sue Gee book that I have read but it won't be the last. It was such a lovely story and beautifully told.


It is a touching family saga which begins post war in 1947 and continues through to 2009. I was sorry when it ended. The author writes such great characters and I felt like I really knew them all and was invested in their happiness. It's quite sad in parts though and the upsets are keenly felt, I especially felt for Freddy, I just wanted to give him a cuddle. Death, illness, mental issues and general family ups and downs are tricky subjects to write believably, without resorting to caricatures, but they were done here with care and understanding and I felt personally involved somehow.


If you're looking for a great beach read then this is it. Engrossing, detailed and eminently readable. This lady can write!


*I was sent a complimentary copy of this by the publisher