I'm going into hiding for the next few months....to sulk

Cross Stitch - Diana Gabaldon

I feel like I want to disconnect the internet for the next few months.


Outlander (Or Cross Stitch as it's know here [we had it first so it'll always be Cross Stitch to me]) is due to premier tonight...but only if you're in the US. SO UNFAIR!


It's set here and filmed here but NOT shown here.  Where's the justice in that?!


The book was published here first, before it was set loose on the US market but now that it's popular we're forgotten about over here?


I can't bear to see any posts, articles, reviews or anything about the new Starz adaptation so I'm going to have to go into hiding until we get it here.  I'm going an author event to see Diana at the Edinburgh International Book Festival later in the month so I'll maybe have to make my frustrations known then. I'm sure I won't be the only one bending her ear.


I'm beyond pissed off about this.


That is all.