TBR Thursday #1

Moonlight Reader started TBR Thursday and although I don't usually join in with meme's I'm going to dip in and out of this one as it might be an incentive to me to work through my pile... I'm starting a fresh slate from today, so my existing TBR pile won't feature here (I'd be here all week trying to add 1000's- literally-  that already exist on the pile) and I'm also only going to add the physical copies I get, not the kindle copies.  This is a bit of a cop-out as I'm more inclined to buy ebooks these days than I am paper books but hey, this is my TBR Thursday and I can be in denial if I like :D


So, for my first TBR Thursday I present my newest additions. 


These first three were sent by the publishers for review.




All three of these sound great and right up my street so I'm looking forward to them. I've been in a bit of a slump lately so maybe one of these can get me out of it *finger's crossed*


These next handful are purchases.  That reading slump I mentioned is doing my head in so when I read a few posts by Danielle who has been reviewing Harlequin's I decided to try Mills & Boons to get me kick started again.  Short, sweet and they will be fast reads and hopefully get me back on track with my 2014 challenge. I'm 8 books behind and the following eight are my ticket to catching up.




Some truly cheesy titles and terrible covers but I'm hoping the stories are cute.  


Well, that's my first entry for TBR Thursday.  Better get working on those books so I can clear the decks for next week's entries


TBR - 11