The book pages here drive me up the wall.

Once a Ferrara Wife... - Sarah Morgan

What am I doing wrong?  I can't seem to figure out how the book pages work!!   Adding a book to my shelves should be one of the easiest things to do on a book site but they are a proper pain to navigate. 


They never seem to load the shelf I ask for, to the point where I'm never sure which shelf I'm looking at.  Why do we need three different ways to get to 'All' and depending on which one you click some books don't show...surely ALL means ALL!  How many different ways to call up ALL does there need to be?!   If I click the total book number at the top of the list I get handed some books (I'll assume ALL of them).  From there if I click 'All' it either won't load or loads an empty shelf. WTH?  It's driving me nuts.   *click*...*click*.... *CLICK!*.... *LOAD DAMMIT!*  So frustrating.


Then there's the SNAFU with trying to work out how best to make a post about an added book.  Take for example my newest add and review.  Once a Ferrera Wife.  Yesterday I added the book and set the start date.  I read the book and marked it as finished last night.  I added the end date.  I gave it 5 stars.  I made a review post.


Why then did it not show on my challenge bar as having been read?  I know I added the finish date which is the requirement to have it count towards the challenge.  I check just now and find that both the start and finish date are blank.  Also, there is no star rating, that's blank too.  AND, my review doesn't show up on the book page. What gives?  What am I doing wrong?  I've had to go in and re-add the start/finish dates and the star rating but why would I have to?!


It's driving me nuts!!


I just want to add a book, review it when I'm finished and have the start/finish dates show (and my star rating) and have my review show on the book page .


Also, I just marked a book on my shelves that I gave up on last night.  It was already on my shelves as a current read so I changed the shelving to DNF and abandoned.  I added it to two different shelves but it's not showing on my dashboard as an update, even though I have the 'ALL' view as my dashboard and I can see everyone else's shelf updates.


I love BL but the database and the interface drive me up the wall batty.


*I may or may not be hormonal today*