TBR Thursday #2

Moonlight Reader started TBR Thursday and although I don't usually join in with meme's I'm going to dip in and out of this one as it might be an incentive to me to work through my pile... I'm only going to add the physical copies I get, not the kindle copies.  This is a bit of a cop-out as I'm more inclined to buy ebooks these days than I am paper books but hey, this is my TBR Thursday and I can be in denial if I like :D


So, for my TBR Thursday this week I present my newest additions (with last week's successes and failures below that)


No publisher submissions this week, I bought all of these books myself.




I'm still sticking with the M&M cheese because they're short, sweet and might help me catch up with my BL 2014 challenge.  The only non M&B is The Girl Who Became a Beatle. I've had that on my wishlist forever so when the hardback showed up in the charity shop for £1 I took it home with me.  


Last week I managed to read two from my new TBR pile and started a third so my plan seems to be working.  2.5 books is great for me in a week!


I really liked Age of Miracles and adored Once a Ferrera Wife.  I started The Future for Curious People and am LOVING it!  I'm about half way through and can barely put it down.  Made of win.




Three of last week's choices were DNF's though.  Couldn't make it past chapter 3 with any of them :(



That just leaves these five and they'll carry over until next week.  I predict an ever increasing TBR pile in my future....




Well, that's it for this weeks TBR Thursday.  Better get working on those books so I can clear the decks for next week's entries :D


TBR - 13