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One of the things I love the most about Booklikes (apart from the social thing and the book aspect, obv) is the ability to customize my pages here. However,  I'm not a programmer or a coder, in fact apart from a very basic grasp of html and css I generally have no clue what I'm doing with it all. 


But, there are some very clever people on Booklikes and they give generously of their knowledge and helped me enormously when I got here so I decided to try and make my own tutorials and write them as if for myself when I first arrived, and have them all in the one place where I can find them easily.  That way if I do it while it's still fresh in my mind I can remind myself of how I did things and before it's lost to me in the Swiss cheese that passes for my memory.


So, just to be clear...If you want a really good tutorial, written by clever people - You'll find a list below of the one's that I've found to be brilliant..


If you want to stick around are read some tutorials written by a rank amateur....here are mine.


Silver Thistle's Customizing Booklikes Tutorials - Back to basics.


Part One - How to get started

Part Two - Adding a new header

Part Three -  Changing your main page background colour

Part Four -  Moving follower buttons

Part Five - Changing the look of your follower buttons

Part Six - Changing the colour of your sidebar background

Part Seven - Changing the background colour of your comment section


Silver Thistle's Customizing Booklikes Tutorials - Bells & Whistles


Part One - Adding a blockquote command

Part Two - Adding a Reading Challenge Widget



Tutorials by other users - Click the names to be whisked to the goodies


AnHeC's tutorials

Pagefault's tutorials

Likest thou Jelly within thy doughnut?'s tutorials

Likest thou Jelly witin thy doughnut? Another tutorial

The Moonlight Library's tutorials

Themisathena scrolling quotes marquee

Lyndi's embedded font


Themis-Athena has a wonderful Masterpost of all the tutorials she has found on her travels, which is full of very, very useful stuff!